Coaches' Code of Behaviour

An Athletics Whangarei coach shall:
  • Ensure that any athlete in their charge is developed safely and at a level appropriate to their age and ability.
  • Encourage an athlete to learn, enjoy and participate in a wide variety of training skills and competitive activities suitable for their developmental level.
  • Act in such a way to foster harmony between athletes and coaches.
  • Coach in those areas for which they are experienced.
  • Ensure, as far as practical, that the training equipment and facilities used are appropriate and operated in a correct and safe manner.
  • Help athletes in their charge develop respect for the ability of other athletes and the judgment of officials and coaches as appropriate.
  • Consider the advice of a health professional when determining when an injured athlete is ready to recommence training and at what level.
  • Make a personal commitment to keep informed of developments in coaching and training principles.
  • Be prepared to offer advice and assistance to other club members on request. 
An Athletics Whangarei coach shall not:
  • Ridicule or belittle any athlete for mistakes made in training or competition.
  • Attempt to coach or interfere with another coach's athlete.
  • Make any suggestive or sexual advance towards any athlete whether physical or verbal.
  • Athletics Whangarei coaches may charge a coaching fee.
  • Athletics Whangarei does not involve itself in any financial arrangement between coach and athlete.
  • Athletes/parents/coaches are expected to clarify and formalise any financial arrangements prior to commencement of coaching.

Dated 1 June 2011


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