The Chairperson controls the discussions that take place during management committee meetings. To do this they should give direction without being dictatorial or biased.

Chairperson duties:
  • Be well informed of all club activities.
  • Be aware of the future directions and plans of club members.
  • Have a good working knowledge of the club constitution, club rules and the duties of all office bearers and sub-committees.
  • Manage committee and/or executive meetings.
  • Manage the club annual general meeting.
  • Represent the club at local, regional and national levels.
  • Be the supportive leader for all club members.
  • Act as a facilitator for club activities.
  • Ensure that planning and budgeting for the future is carried out in accordance with the wishes of the club members.
  • Be prepared to be public spokesperson for the club.
  • To be prepared to be ex-officer member on all sub-committees.
An effective Chairperson is:
  • Unbiased and impartial on all issues.
  • Well informed about the purpose of the meetings and items to be covered.
  • A good listener who will be able to summaries the main points of discussion.
  • Able to avoid repetition, arguments, interruptions and deviation from the matter under discussion.
  • Well versed in the rules or procedure for the particular type of meeting being held and allow relevant debate.
  • Able to delegate.

To be an effective Chairperson always remember to be fair and decisive and to exercise good management practices. The skills come with practice and regular self appraisal.

The Chairperson should be able to:
  • Lead without controlling.
  • Involve club members in decisions that affect them.
  • Stimulate balanced discussion.
  • Conduct meetings to finish on time.
  • Encourage focused discussion and keep meetings on track.
  • Negotiate successfully between members and LISTEN.

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Treasurer duties:

The Athletics Whangarei Treasurer is responsible for the financial management of the club and will be expected to carry out the following duties:

  • Make all payments and keep accurate and up-to-date records of annual income and expenditure.
  • Maintain accurate records of current income and expenditure.
  • Prepare and present monthly accounts for payment and approval by the committee.
  • Manage club investment and cheque account funds.
  • Invoice groups/members for rentals or purchases (eg, equipment hire, uniforms, sub rentals etc).
  • Assist the Athletics Whangarei Track Management Committee by processing income and expenditure relating to the management of the all-weather track.
  • Prepare summary of income and expenditure statements for individual club events (eg, two-day marathon)
  • Receive and process all club membership registration forms and payments made via mail, website and hand delivery.
  • Advise sub committees of any over due or unpaid membership fees.
  • Carry out an annual stock take of all club equipment and fixtures and fittings.
  • Make sure that accurate levels of insurance cover are maintained for all club equipment on an annually assessed basis.
  • Liaise regularly with the Athletics Whangarei club accountant.
  • Prepare and submit funding applications to gaming trusts.
  • Ensure all money and cheques received are banked promptly.
  • Be the signatory on the club cheque payments (with at least one other member).
  • Clear the club mail box and allocate relevant correspondence to sub committees.
Treasurer qualities:

Qualities the Athletics Whangarei Treasurer would require to be an effective committee member are:

  • Be well organised.
  • Be able to allocate regular time periods to maintain the records of accounts.
  • Have the ability to keep accurate and clear records of accounts.
  • Ensure the careful handling of all money and cheques received by the club.
  • Have good work ethics and work in a logical and orderly manner.
  • Be sympathetic and tactful when discussing matters of overdue membership fees.
  • Always be diplomatic, patient and prepared to listen to other points of views regarding matters of finance.

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Senior Track and Field Chairman

  1. Represent this section of the club on the committee, advising in all matters relating to senior track and field.
  2. Organise senior track and field committee meetings as required.
  3. Organise senior club night (eg, officials, equipment, programme and results).
  4. Organise club championships.
  5. Organise club relay teams for the Athletics Northland Track and Field Championships.
  6. Promote senior track and field through personal contacts (parents, athletes, coaches, other athletics clubs and schools).
  7. Promote through the club website.
  8. Liaise with the club Press Officer.
  9. Provide information to senior athletes (championship entries, dates, qualifying standards and meetings).
  10. Promote the Athletics Auckland Battle of the Regions (part of the West team with Waitakere City Athletics Club).
  11. Attend senior club training night (Thursday).

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  1. Maintain a comprehensive record of all performances by registered club members, including:
    (a)  Senior track and field club night
    (b)  Harriers club events
    (c)  Championship events (all levels, including schools)
    (d)  Open meetings (New Zealand and overseas)
  2. Maintain the club records (currently for the standard Athletics New Zealand age groups viz. W16, W19, SW, M16, M19 and SM)
  3. Provide statistical information as required by the club committee or individual club members (this may include: current rankings, championship performances, national qualifying performances and performances required for selecting club teams)
  4. Applying for records on behalf of club members (eg, Athletics Northland and Northland Masters)
  5. Completing applications (and providing supporting letters) for Kauri Club Grants, and providing said documentation (plus other evidence as required) to the RSO (Athletics Northland) for their consideration and submission to Sport Northland
  6. Processing nominations for awards, including:
    (a)  Athletics Northland trophies (Rayma MacPherson Shield and Frances Holmes Trophy)
    (b)  ASB senior awards (via RSO)
    (c)  District Councils (Far North and Kaipara)
    (d)  ASB schools (on request from individual schools and advising on request by NSSSA).
  7. Providing club press officer with details as required.
  8. Archiving historical information.
  9. Liaising with website manager to publish information as set out in 1. and 2. above.

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